• Participants

    "There are so many interesting conferences out there but the cost of travel and taking the time off makes it difficult to attend. An online version would be great!"

    "It’s often impossible to attend all of the sessions at a conference. I would like to be able to watch what I missed online."

  • Organizer

    "I find it exciting to be able create an online version with the recordings and presentations of my conference. Having everything well organized and accessible will increase our outreach and create added value for our participants."

  • Speaker

    "I’m always looking for opportunities to expand my professional network. While watching my presentation, viewers are now able to find me and link up via social media."

How it works

  • We will notify you about the necessary steps needed to record your conference. If desired, we can contact your technical services provider directly.

  • You can upload presentations, audio and video recordings, photos and general information about your event. In addition, there is a separate area for sponsors.

  • You can choose between having your conference publicly available or restricting access via entry codes.

  • We take care of putting everything online.

  • You can use our postproduction service to edit and prepare your recordings.

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