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We transfer your conference into a modern digital network of knowledge.
ITB Mice Forum 2018 by the event organizers association (VDVO)
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  • Increase your participant's satisfaction with a completely new way to experience conference content online.
  • Use the event media library for targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Discover new income possibilities with your conference's content.

Focus on your conference. We make sure the event library is ready to go.

  • We stay in close contact with your technical service provider to verify that everything technical is taken care of.
  • We take care of all the post production work needed. This includes cutting videos, converting presentation slides and synchronizing the two together. Any audio recordings (e.g. from workshops or translators) are also edited by us.
  • We embed any relevant and important information about your conference into the media library, such as speaker information, sponsors, and event photos.

We are happy to answer any questions. +49 30 220 117 390