What are the advantages of an event media center?

  • As a participant...

    "There are so many interesting conferences out there but the cost of travel and taking the time off makes it difficult to attend. An online version would be great!"

    "It’s often impossible to attend all of the sessions at a conference. I would like to be able to watch what I missed online."

  • As an event organizer...

    "I find it exciting to be able create an online version with the recordings and presentations of my conference. Having everything well organized and accessible will increase our outreach and create added value for our participants."

    "Sending presentations via email has always been a hassle. Online slideshows organized in a media center finally makes it easy to share everything."

  • As a speaker...

    "The more people can learn about my research and findings, the better."

    "It’s especially useful that you can browse through presentation slides while watching the speaker talk."

  • We take care of entering all of the event‘s information and media

    Send us your recordings and let us do the rest. You will receive one link that contains the entire content of the event. This can be easily shared via email, from your homepage or across social media.

  • Manage access and authorization (public/private)

    If you choose to create a private media center, then you want to make sure that only the participants can view your content. We will generate access codes that act as an admission ticket. Each code can be programmed to view everything or be limited to certain content.

  • PowerPoint, PDFs, etc. are transformed into online slideshows

    Well organized, always available and easy to find presentations. Forget endless lists of download links or sending emails with attachments, and give your participants an easy way to look up on slides and presentations.

  • Video playback of talks and presentations

    Put your entire video documentation online. Our video layout is structured in a way that allows participants to browse through the presentation slides independent of what the speaker is doing.

  • Audiobooks

    Your event on the go: audio playback of talks and presentations.

  • Photogalleries

    Show your event’s best moments. Use different albums to represent relevant topics, such as workshop results, exhibition posters, speakers, etc..

  • Feature your sponsors

    Increase the incentive of sponsoring your event by placing logos, descriptions and links of your sponsors within the media center.

  • Participants can take notes

    Our system allows users to mark a presentation’s slide or a point in time (during audio or video playback) and to jot down a few notes. This enables an easy to remember playlist of the most relevant topics, which can be downloaded or viewed again at any time.

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